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Client Testimonials

Below is a selection of reviews past clients have left about Michael. Michael has personally worked with all of these clients and these reviews reflect the high standard of care he provides.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Joe
October 19, 2021

Mike has been by my side since the beginning of my new legal counsel with STG Law firm. Julie Gumina was my gunner at first and then Mike stepped in to assist. Both were very helpful in protecting me and my boys throughout the custody battle with the mother of my three boys. They keep well in touch thur email/text/vm. They will always have a life long relationship with me to protect me and my family. Never once did I question their utmost professionalism and integrity when making decisions in and outside of the courtroom. Thx Mike and Julie for all you hard work and dedication when working to help and protect my family. The A-Team!!!!

​5/5 Stars

Posted by Gen
September 29, 2021

I hired Michael to help me with my very conflicated and stressful divorce. I was stay at home wife who took care of the kids, working only part time while my husband was the one with the income and assets. When the decision to divorce came up I was lost and was worried about the future of my children and I. I am very grateful that I have found Michael to help me.  From the first consultation, I felt very comfortable and at ease with talking to him about my situation. He welcomed all my questions and assured me that there was no need to fear about the outcome of this divorce.  Due to the covid pandemic and my husband being uncooperative, it was understandable that there was some delays in getting the process running and it took about 2 years until we were finally able to finish the case.  *During that time, he always informed me about the status or any updates.  *He would email me back asap or call me anytime (even after work hours or weekend) whenever I had a question or was in crisis mode about this divorce.  He was always mindful of unnecessary costs and informed me first or gave me other options.  He was prepared to be the nice lawyer that would help me and my husband achieve what's fair for everyone and also be the lawyer that fights for me when the other party was not being nice.  I never felt intimidated and he was so easy and comfortable talking to, he knows when its serious time and when its perfectly okay to be funny.  The end result: he managed to get me everything I had asked for and was entitled to.


5/5 Stars

​Posted by adel
September 1, 2021

​Mike was awesome. My questions were answered promptly. I couldn't be happier with the service I received. He understood my family situation, concerns and address them promptly.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Alex
July 23, 2021

Wrote a detailed, specific and great judgement for the allocation of custody rights, full custodial parenting time and helped me be able to move with my daughter out of state. As a father, I was afraid this would take years and be near impossible but the process was quick and much less painful than anticipated.  Communication was quick and right to the point, allowing me to save costs. He utilized the associates as much as possible as well, again minimizing costs.  Hopefully I will not need his services again, but I will gladly share his information for anyone who might need assistance in custodial issues.


5/5 Stars


Posted by anonymous
July 7, 2021

It's rare to find a lawyer who comprises all the necessary qualities to make one of the best divorce lawyers. First of all, Attorney Michael Hudzik has a sound knowledge of divorce law. Secondly, he is aware of the emotional nature of the divorce process and has the proper sensitivity needed while working with clients; he really listens to the client's needs. Thirdly, he is always prompt in returning phone calls and emails. Lastly, he is aware of the client's anxiety towards attorney fees and therefore tries to work on issues in the most cost effective manner possible. My divorce and post divorce matters were very long and complex, and it led me to have to hire and work with many different lawyers, many of whom were recommended by friends and family. Most of my previous attorneys had one or two of the above qualities, but I found none of them to have all the qualities, except for Attorney Michael Hudzik. He was an excellent lawyer, exactly as I read in his Avvo reviews online. I will always be grateful to Attorney Hudzik for all the work and time he has put in my case to bring peace for me and my children. I highly recommend Attorney Michael Hudzik.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Amy
June 22, 2021

I am very grateful for the service I received from lawyer Michael Hudzik. He exceeded my expectations. He was available to help promptly and with a high level of professionalism. He explained everything in detail and made the process as easy as possible. Highly recommend.


5/5 Stars

Posted by anonymous
March 17, 2021

For years I struggled with an inability to effectively shield my children from some toxic behavior patterns of the woman I fell in love with. I sought help from church, marriage counselors and even law enforcement. I eventually had to accept the fact that nobody can facilitate change in another person’s life if they don’t believe they need to change. I met with several attorneys while contemplating divorce and was devastated to hear them say it was unlikely for children to end up with their fathers. The last attorney I met with was Michael Hudzik. Mike’s demeanor and view of my objectives was different from the start. In a word the main thing he offered was Hope! As a result of his integrity and outstanding problem resolution skills, I was divorced in a short period of time and am living proof that children can end up with their father.  Mike’s ability to find out of the box solutions to difficult situations enabled my kids and I to continue living in the house they grew up in making this disruptive season of life far less difficult than it could have been. Throughout each step of this journey, Mike kept the cost of his services at the forefront of our decision making. My kids and I are eternally grateful we crossed paths and simply couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome.


5/5 Stars

​Posted by Mary
March 13, 2021

​I'm so glad that I hired Michael to represent me during my divorce. His professionalism and caring/honest nature put me at ease throughout the whole process. My calls were always returned timely, questions were answered thoroughly and in a way that was easy to understand. I highly recommend Michael to anyone who is looking for a professional, knowledgeable, honest lawyer that truly has your best interest in mind.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Garth
March 2, 2021


I would recommend anyone seeking an attorney pertaining to family law to choose Micheal R Hudzik, he is informative, patient with his clients and always return your calls. I was a hundred percent satisfied with is service.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Ashley

October 8, 2020

Michael has been great to work with! He is knowledgeable, friendly, and seems to genuinely care for his clients. He was very honest and open with me about my case, and I never once felt like he was pushing me to rack up fees that weren’t necessary. He was always prompt to respond to my with questions I had, and I never felt like he was rushing through our conversations. He made me feel very confident that my case would end well, and in my favor, and he was correct! I felt like he truly had my back, and had myself and my daughter’s best interest at heart. I look forward to using him in the future if needed.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Jessica
August 11, 2020


I appreciated Michael’s calm nature and understanding. He made communication easy and convenient for me.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Deon
May 21, 2020

I hired Mike as a result of being served with and Order of Protection. Mike provided excellent representation for my case. He has a great personality, extremely efficient and knowledgeable of the law. What I appreciated most about Mike's representation was his transparency, follow up, and almost immediate response time making himself available whenever I needed to speak to him regarding my case. I definitely plan to hire Mike in the future and I've already recommended his services to friends and family.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Matthew
March 22, 2020


I was asked for a divorce and didn’t know where to start. I met Mr. Hudzik for a meeting and felt right away he was the person who I wanted to represent me. He answered all my questions and more importantly he answered the ones I didn’t even know I had. He kept me in the loop every step of the way and I never felt alone during this process. Thank you very much!

This review is from a person who hired this attorney.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Vito 

March 7, 2020

Michael R. Hudzik - A competent attorney with integrity, value, and respect.

Finding a right lawyer can be a gamble and could turn into a disaster in terms of lost time, excessive money spent in fees, and increased level of stress.
Therefore, I decided to take advantage of free initial consultation offered by many counsel before retaining one and determine who would best meet/exceed the following key criteria? (1) Competency, level of commitment to represent the client fairly and cost effectively by keeping process simple and moving forward. (2) Accessibility, easy to communicate with and responsiveness. (3) Flexibility to guide and utilize client for essential data collection and compilation to minimize translation errors/churn where possible. (4) Ability to work with opposing counsel in a collaborative manner to reach a fair agreement in timely manner. (5) Keep the process moving effectively.

Micheal far exceeded all above and many more criteria. He was pleasant, respectful, focused, and clear in explaining the process in a simple manner. His goal and priority was to build his reputation by supporting the client in a most effective way. He is well respected among his peers and highly successful at negotiating (with the opposing counsel) the best interest of the client with integrity, fairness and respect.

Michael is an extremely competent, honest, and diligent lawyer, who represents his client in a most cost effective way, without compromising quality and effectiveness of his service. This was evident by his willingness to provide multiple free consultations to address all initial and followup questions before retaining him. His level of commitment, his accessibility, and responsiveness was the best throughout the entire process. His method of charging and billing was honest and reasonable. Quality of his documents and updates were high and completed in a timely manner.

In summary, Michael is an extremely competent, capable, and honest lawyer with highest level of integrity and commitment to his clients. With his diligence, competence, and integrity, you always be in good hands with him on your side.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Nicole
March 5, 2020

Michael Hudzik had previously handled the divorce of a close contact (incredibly well: it was a difficult sticky case involving interstate custody, but thanks to Mike's wise and frank advice, the outcome was entirely what my friend had hoped for), so with that referral, when I needed an attorney to handle a custody update between me and my ex, I turned to him.


Mike was wonderfully responsive and available to answer all my questions, and excellent at explaining pros and cons of different approaches, probabilities, and options. He really understands the emotions AND the practicalities involved, and I appreciate that while he always looked out for my interests first and foremost, he was not a black-and-white thinker. He gets his results by really paying attention and talking through angles and decisions in their full context at your pace.

I also got exactly the resolution I was hoping for, and when it was all said and done, my ex even thought the conclusion was fair and our cordial relationship was intact, which is really saying something! I cannot recommend Mike Hudzik highly enough.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Shannon
November 5, 2019


Mr. Hudzik handled post-decree issues that arose in my divorce case. He was professional, courteous, extremely knowledgeable regarding the issues in the case, and, in my opinion, went above and beyond to settle the case to my satisfaction, which he ultimately did. I already have and will continue to recommend his services to anyone.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Hilary
October 9, 2019

Michael was excellent in his representation. He communicated everything, worked hard to reach a resolution outside of litigation but wasn’t afraid to take the case to trial in order to resolve it. I was very happy with him and although I hope to never need his legal representation again, if I do, I know he’ll do a wonderful job. He was a pleasure to work with and I have the utmost respect for him as a person and as an attorney.

5/5 Stars

Posted by John
October 9, 2019

Mike was my 2nd attorney in a messy divorce case. My previous and my x's previous attorney were only in this for their own billing. Mike took over the case and quickly righted the ship and got things to move forward amicably and with less stress. Mike is great and compassionate.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Dee
July 1, 2019

We have been working with Michael for several years to handle all of our post-divorce matters. My ex husband has been difficult to deal with (to say the least), and Michael has time and time again gone above and beyond to understand the issues, ensure we were protecting my children's (and my) best interests, and provide appropriate advice regarding next steps. Michael has always been incredibly responsive, and I feel very lucky to be working with him.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Shane
June 11, 2019

Michael did an excellent job with my divorce case. He was professional, calm, easy to reach and patient. He was a steady voice of reason in a very trying and emotional time. I highly recommend him.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Mitch
April 3, 2019

Michael has done an excellent job of representing me. He has a clear grasp of the law and has been effective in presenting my case before the judge. I wish that I had hired him from the beginning of my case. It would have save me a lot of money and I am certain the divorce decree would have been more favorable to me.

5/5 Stars

Posted by anonymous
February 6, 2019

I hired Michael and his firm to represent me in my divorce this past year. I was extremely impressed with Michael's ability to listen to concerns, share precise legal information and to work with me to sort out options for an amicable result. He was prompt in all of his responses to my questions, was clear in his communication and followed through on all of my requests. He was appreciative of my goals for kids and spouse and worked with opposing counsel in a professional manner. I would recommend Michael as well as his firm as I know he/they will represent each person with the utmost respect and professionalism.

5/5 Stars

Posted by anonymous

November 16, 2018


Michael Hudzik was my lawyer for my divorce. He is trustworthy and works with your best interest in mind. He knows how to handle any situation and always provided honest and intelligent advice.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Dan
November 12, 2018

I worked with Michael as went through my divorce and again when I needed to modify my child custody agreement 2 years later. Michael was prompt, professional and a calming influence in my experience working with him. I couldn't be happier with Michael's representation because divorce and custody are very stressful, emotional situations and Michael helped every step of the way. I had a laundry list of questions and concerns in both situations and Michael would walk through every one with me and make sure I understood the answer and was comfortable throughout the process. On top of that I could feel that I was getting the best representation and that Michael would honestly evaluate every situation and give me the best legal advice for me to make an informed decision. I read the reviews on this site and made multiple calls to lawyers and from the first conversation with Michael, I knew that he would be the best representation for me.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Matt
April 18, 2018

From my initial consultation to the Prove-up, Mike was the consummate professional: direct, honest, and thorough. He walked me through the process and maintained excellent communication until the final order was signed. I always felt well-informed and a part of the process - rather than just a spectator.

5/5 Stars

Posted by anonymous
April 10, 2018

I am very glad that I hired Michael. He listened to me and understood what I wanted and created a strategy and then followed it up with great communication. He explained things along the way and always returned phone calls and emails. I never thought that I was alone during my divorce.

5/5 Stars

Posted by anonymous
January 25, 2018

Mike was very supportive and knowledgeable during my divorce process. He easily answered all of my questions, provided a clear understanding of my options and quickly executed my divorce in a short amount of time. Mike and Janet were both very efficient and readily available during the whole process. The excellent service I received was very reassuring during this difficult, personal matter. I never felt that my case wasn't being taken of, or left with concerns over what was happening. The open communication on status and next steps was very helpful to me as I was also handling a busy work load at the time. I was able to make changes easily via email and even reschedule my court date without any issues. Thank you very much for your help in my divorce. My experience with Mike, Janet and the STG Law firm was a positive one!

5/5 Stars

Posted by Don
December 20, 2017

I found Mike Hudzik to be a very professional, efficient, and trustworthy attorney. He is always very attentive to your needs and works diligently to achieve the best positive results possible.
Mike is very responsive to questions and always provides a profound response.

5/5 Stars

Posted by anonymous
November 12, 2017


We were totally satisfied. Michael was always so kind and courteous. We had a lot of questions, which Mr. Hudzik answered promptly and with care. We feel we had excellent representation.

5/5 Stars

Posted by anonymous
November 7, 2017


Mr. Hudzik is a great attorney. He took the time to explain my case. He's ethical, will always take the high road, and will consider his client's best interests. On several occasions, I asked him to negotiate on my behalf and he did a great job. He kept the case moving and was very professional with my ex-spouse's attorney, although, the ex-spouse's attorney was not very professional. I highly recommend him.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Allison
August 21, 2017

I worked with Mr. Hudzik during my divorce. Due to my complex situation, the possibility of it getting done in a timely manner almost seemed impossible. He worked diligently to create an agreement that not only was in the best interest for my children, but for our financial situation. Our agreement and divorce was complete in less than a year yet thorough as if it took longer. Mr. Hudzik is professional and fair yet still empathetic which I think hard to find in this field. I appreciate all the work he has done for my family and me, and would absolutely recommend him.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Matt
June 5, 2017

I hired Mr. Hudzik when I was going through a divorce. I had thought myself capable of dealing with all of the paperwork myself but my loved ones recommended that I get a lawyer and I am so glad I did. Mr. Hudzik was compassionate, accessible, and thorough. He took all the bureaucratic stress out of my divorce which allowed me to deal with other things. He sat with me and we discussed what my aims were for the divorce and then he did everything needed to get the results I wanted. He was so invaluable as a lawyer who actually seemed to care about me as his client.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Scott
April 6, 2017

I wish I lived in a nearby area so I could have hired Michael to represent me...

Unfortunately I have an ongoing family case involving my very young son. Fortunately after feeling quite lost and overwhelmed with the legal system, while having no clue as to where to turn to find help, I was able to find Michael's help to be More than "just help". His approach was empathetic, strong and very knowledgeable throughout our consultations.

Michael consulted me about my current situation and here's what he did:

* Clearly communicated his services and what he may be able to do to assist.
* Made me feel more in control and he helped to calm my fears by providing complex legal information in a way that was easy to comprehend (I was SO worried about everything to come before chatting to him!!!)
* Instructive and gave me all possible avenues I could take that he felt applied to my case.
* Told me upfront the estimated ranges of what to realistically expect to spend monetarily depending on the actions I wanted to take (he was very accurate).
* Very tactful and considerate with how he presented information, but did not sugar coat anything for my benefit.
* I could feel that he cared and wanted to help as much as he could.
* Ensured I was thinking rationally and keeping a clear picture of both the short and long term pros and cons to each decision.
* Was extremely respectful of my decisions.
* He wanted me to be as prepared and confident as possible moving forward.
* I feel most importantly Michael wanted me to really consider all avenues, make a choice based on what I wanted and felt was right, then communicate that desire to achieve the best results.

Overall I fully believe in Michael’s abilities and trust my family and my well-being in his capable hands. I would recommend him to anyone in the area.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Reginald
March 2, 2017

Excellent attorney. Very available when needed. Personable and just what I needed at a very stressful time in my life. Was very happy with the settlement reached in the divorce proceedings. Highly recommend him.

5/5 Stars

Posted by anonymous
December 7, 2016

Michael is a very personable and intelligent divorce attorney! From the beginning I felt he was thorough and straight-forward with me. I'm very grateful for all he did in my case at a very reasonable cost. He is also prompt in returning phone calls and emails. Highly recommended.

5/5 Stars

Posted by George
September 26, 2016

Michael represented me for my divorce and helped make everything as smooth as possible during a very difficult time. He listened and gave sound advice. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

5/5 Stars

Posted by anonymous
June 20, 2016

I believe that Michael Hudzik did an excellent job representing me with my situation. In particular, he negotiated a much better agreement than I thought possible which will greatly benefit my daughter.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Todd
April 15, 2016

Mike helped me to have a order of protection vacated. He was thoroughly prepared and performed extremely well on my case. He got the order vacated and made me feel very positive in my ongoing case. I felt very lucky to have him on my side.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Zack
April 7, 2016

I sought Mike out to assist me with a challenging harassment case that has been ongoing for six months. From the start, Mike exuded competence, class, and discipline. He kept me informed, patiently explained the ins and outs of the legal proceedings, offered measured advice, and, when necessary, calmed my concerns.

All throughout this difficult process, Mike conveyed a degree of civility and respect to everyone involved, including the individual I was in dispute with. No matter how inappropriately the other side behaved, Mike maintained his professional discipline and stayed focused on the case.

At court, Mike delivered results. He implemented the legal strategy he had designed while at the same time adroitly adjusting as the situation unfolded throughout the six-hour hearing. In the end, Mike succeeded. Just as importantly, he did so in a high-minded manner that I, as the client, can feel proud of.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Michele
January 12, 2016

Mike was wonderful. He was always positive and upfront. He always responded quickly to all my calls, emails or txts. He was always professional and trustworthy. I know he always had my children and my best interests in mind. He is a wonderful lawyer and also a stand up man.

5/5 Stars

Posted by James
November 11, 2015

In December of 2014, I hired Mr. Hudzik to represent me in my divorce. I selected Mr. Hudzik after completing a series of interviews I conducted among several firms. When I interview Mr. Hudzik, he presented himself as a very understanding, knowledgeable, professional, and astute attorney. He listened very closely to my situation and wanted to understand my goals. Michael expressed his desire to help find an amicable solution to this divorce and asked me to take the “high road”. I felt very comfortable with Michael and his approach.


Michael understood that I did not want to be confrontational unless we were given no choice. He set the tone from the beginning and steadfastly maintained that tone during the entire processes. Michael also did a fantastic job in helping me see through my emotions and find the best course of action to the quickest resolution for each issue.


Michael’s experience and knowledge was instrumental in taking a very simple case and keeping it from becoming a legal nightmare.


Another important point which concerns the firm of STG, Mr. Hudzik informed me he would be taking vacation during my case. While Mr. Hudzik was not available, Mr. Vechiola assisted me with my case. Three times Mr. Vechiola stepped in and did a great job. This speaks very highly of the firm, the staff, and their team approach.


I just want to express my gratitude and thanks for the outstanding representation I received from Mr. Hudzik and STG. Many people complain about legal fees and their attorneys, this is not my case. I will keep Michael’s card with me and will call upon him if I need further representation. I will vigorously endorse Mr. Hudzik and STG if I am asked for a referral.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Meghan
July 30, 2015

I was going through a divorce and a dcfs case. It was the hardest thing I've had to encounter in my life. I was referred to Michael's law firm by a friend. Since the first time we spoke on the phone he made me feel like no matter what we will try to win this case or fight trying. Michael never promised anything he knew he couldn't be 100% sure about, he always kept to the facts and was very honest with me about what we might be up against. Even though either of us knew how things would end, Michael never gave up or lost hope in our case. When things weren't looking good on my end, he fought even harder. I cant thank him enough for the hard work he put into my case. Even though we were dragged around by the other party we stuck it out and we won our case, Michael knows what he is doing.


If you are in the Dupage area seek him out, Michael is dedicated to his job and will do what he can for what is right. I wouldn't use anyone else.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Steve
May 21, 2015

I had the pleasure of retaining Michael through Sullivan, Taylor and Gumina PC for legal representation regarding a family matter. Michael and his office was responsive and well versed in the knowledge of Family Law. Michael's reasonable expectations of the final outcome of the case was realistic and acceptable to me as a client. Michael was reachable and responded in a timely manner regarding the progression through the proceedings. I would highly recommend Michael and his office to anyone seeking representation.

5/5 Stars

Posted by anonymous
January 17, 2015

Mike took on my case after it had been pending for almost 2 years. He resolved all issues in 4 months! He quickly got up to speed on the status of our divorce and guided me to the end. He is extremely fair and level headed during what can be an emotional roller coaster. Thank you for all the help!

5/5 Stars

Posted by Michael
January 5, 2015

Mr. Hudzik acted expertly on my behalf as successor counsel in a complicated, difficult and lengthy post marital dispute. He is a talented and proficient attorney. He has a unique ability to organize complex legal issues and outline the pros and cons of strategic responses and initiatives in a cost conciousess manner. I have the utmost of faith in Mr. Hudzik's ethical stance, resourcefulness and legal intellect, and respect his ability to take an assertive approach in the pursuit of justice.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Pete
January 4, 2015

I had the fortunate experience to have Mike Hudzik represent me through a very unfortunate family situation. I have to honestly say the Mike's unending care and understanding of the the many complexities that contribute to family and personal issues proved to be very insightful and important in making a big difference in the future of my family. Not only is Mike passionate about what he does but he also embraces the real meaning of right and wrong. In ways that only he can do, Mike makes his points with truth and facts as his foundation without doubt or hesitance. Even though many times it was difficult to get through our family issue, I always felt that Mike is the best person to be representing us. He is an amazing lawyer who understands people and the law and my family and I am very grateful to him for making such a monumental difference in all of our lives.

5/5 Stars

Posted by David
December 30, 2014

I've been in an never ending battle with my daughters mother and have had two different lawyers. I have to say Michael is the best lawyer. I finally see an end in sight. He keeps me well informed and is straight up with me. He is well worth every penny!!

5/5 Stars

Posted by anonymous
December 17, 2014

I highly recommend Michael's work. He is attentive, knowledgeable, and anticipatory to needs. He works well with everyone involved in the process. He is professional and kind.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Adam
November 24, 2014

I had a rather ugly custody/support issue and Mike was able to convince a judge to reverse their pre-trial recommendation. My case had almost zero ability for me to gain anything resembling a "win", but Mike got me as close as possible to that outcome. Would highly recommend him and his firm to anyone.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Cory
November 17, 2014

It was truly a pleasure to work with Mike over the past 8-9 months during my divorce proceedings. Mike always maintained a very positive and professional demeanor and always kept me well informed of my rights and next steps. Mike has a great personality and made me feel very much like a partner he really cared about instead of just another client. I feel your firm is very lucky to have a person of his caliber and talent on your team!

5/5 Stars

Posted by Nicole
April 25, 2014

Mr. Hudzik was very attentive, reliable and professional. He was always available to answer questions and responded quickly to all of my calls or emails. I would highly recommend him and his firm to anyone looking for professional representation.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Katherine
August 28, 2013

I would highly recommend Michael to anyone. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He makes you feel confident and comfortable throughout the entire case. Whether it was an email or phone call, I felt he took the time to answer all my questions and concerns. My experience with him was nothing but positive.

5/5 Stars

Posted by Allen
April 22, 2013

Mr Hudzik promptly addressed our case. Being out of state and in a very difficult, short notice situation, he not only quickly accepted and learned the details of a complex case, he worked with the opposing attorney to bring the issue to an amicable settlement to the benefit of both parties. Mr Hudzik thoroughly explained all aspects of the case and procedures to ensure we understand the sequence of events in the divorce case. Best of all was his compassionate understanding of a difficult situation and his willingness to work with the opposing council to resolve difficulties and come to settlement completely to our satisfaction. I strongly recommend him for his knowledge, dedication and commitment to our case.

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